Gwen Veazey, Freelance Writer

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My features, satire, book and movie reviews, and interviews have appeared in the following publications:

Technical Writing:

Grants: Under the auspices of Burke County United Way, secured $380,000 in funding for community projects. Also wrote successful grant for the Cat’s Cradle, a local animal rights group.

Volunteer writing:

Local non-profit newsletters, such as Burke WomeNews, the newsletter of the Burke County Council on the Status of Women, which I founded and named. (Editor, mid-1980s)

South of the Garden, newsletter of the Resource Center on Women and Ministry in the South: essay

Grants: solo and co-writer for a number of successful grants funding social justice causes. (Women’s health, help for battered women.)

Gwen Chappell Veazey is a native of North Carolina, USA. She lives in western NC with her husband and without her two post-college children, who insist they’re grown. Her articles and stories have appeared in The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte's Creative Loafing, Today’s American Woman, and other publications.


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